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How funny is my new water bottle? 🙂

Ahh June! This is my favorite month because it’s the start of summer, endless blue skies, and lots of pool days!! Argh, pool days!! Can we just talk about those pool days? Raise your hand if you’re pool ready… How many of you are are confidently sashaying across the pool deck waving at your fans?! Ha! I’m not! I started working on my “summer body” in January (a la New Year’s Resolution) and it went really well! Until April when I went on a couple back to back trips and fell off the wagon. Cue the downward spiral. UGH! Sustaining weight loss success is hard, I’ve been here a million times. But I’m determined to feel good about myself this summer so it’s time to start again! You’ve heard that it takes 21 days to form a habit, right? Well, I’m working on a 3 week challenge of recommitting myself to a healthier lifestyle so I thought I’d share my Simple Tips for 21 Days To A Healthier YOU!

I love a challenge and I feel like there’s strength in numbers and accountability. Do you want to join me?!

21 Day Detox-ISH

After coming off a girl’s trip last week my mom invited me to a 21 Day Detox Challenge on Facebook. After what seemed like two weeks of too much Memorial weekend fun followed by a girl’s trip I felt like I had wine pulsing through my veins instead of blood – eeks! I was like HELL YES, SIGN ME UP. But then I realized this meant no wine, soda, sugar, and basically all the things that bring me life for 21 days. Wait, wha?

Cut back on indulgences, not eliminate

After basically a day I decided this caffeine withdrawal headache was for the birds. I’m the first to admit I’m a soda-holic. I know I can give it up, I’ve done it several times before for things like Lent, a Paleo diet challenge, and I once gave it up for an entire YEAR based on a soda elimination challenge on Facebook. I like a challenge! But here’s the thing, I hate giving it up all together. In that year that I didn’t drink soda I never lost the craving for it. I missed it like an old friend. 🙁 So instead of giving it up entirely, I’ve decided to drastically cut back on how much soda I drink, which is a lot. For me this means no longer having it in the house. I feel like cutting back vs. giving up is a much more sustainable way to go vs. eliminating and then falling off the wagon and feeling all the guilt.

Replace your sugary or diet sodas, juices, etc. with water! Flavor it, add a lemon, drink Propel, whatever you need to do to get more water in your day. I drink A LOT more water in the absence of soda and I feel so much better about myself!

Omg this MEME cracks me up because it’s SO TRUE! 🙂


Drink less wine — I know, SO HARD

I feel like the more I drink, the more I want to drink. And the less I drink, the less I want to drink. Does that make sense? I had slipped into a bad habit of having 2…maybe 3 glasses of wine a night after I put the kids in bed. Hello, empty calories! So in January I instituted a no midweek wine policy. Meaning no wine Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, but I’m allowed to drink Thursday to Sunday. Ever since college my weekends have started on Thursday. Who’s with me?!

My mom said in this detox if you “must” drink wine you can have like 1 glass on Saturday night. LMAO. Ya right! If I’m waiting 5 days between glasses I’m tackling that bottle with a lot of excitement on Saturday, bwaha! I feel like if I cut back my wine nights from 4 to 1 or hell, even 2 that’s a big improvement and saving me lots of calories! *Thinking long term sustainability, people*

This was my first glass of wine in 5 days…come to mama!!!

estancia pinot grigio and glass

Follow a healthy eating plan for 21 days

I started Weight Watchers in January with great success. Weight Watchers always works for me, but staying on it and tracking those points well after the weight has come off is always my challenge. I dropped 8 lbs. in 2 months and I was feeling better than I had in a long time. But vacations have a way of throwing you off your game and that’s what happened to me. So in this 21 day “detox” I’m simply recommitting myself to tracking my daily points in my Weight Watchers app and weighing in weekly at home.

weight watchers app on iphone

Change up your fitness routine

I’ve been going to the YMCA and doing cardio + weights for years but I’m ready for a new fitness challenge. I am SO excited that a new Orange Theory Fitness is opening up locally this month! I’ve heard amazing things about this high intensity interval training and cannot wait to take my fitness to the next level. Maybe for you it’s incorporating weight lifting into your fitness routine, or get a step tracker like a Fitbit Charge 2 with a heart rate monitor like I have and track your steps, shooting to hit 10,000 a day. Such a good motivator to keep moving!

I’d love to hear in the comments if you have tried any new fitness regimens that have helped to jump start your metabolism and get you new results. I’m all ears!new orange theory

The bottom line with weight loss is you just need to burn more calories than you’re taking in. For me, tracking my food is the key to success and I highly recommend tracker apps like Weight Watchers or MyFitnessPal, which is a free app.

Want to join me in this 21 days to a healthier YOU? Grab some healthy groceries, set aside time to work out 4-5 times per week, even if for 20-30 minutes at home. Surely we can all find time for that! Work out early AM, at your lunch break, or after work — just make time for it! Whatever your high calorie vice is, drastically reduce your intake to save on calories and track your food for accountability. I’ll check in with you on my Facebook blog page to see how you’re doing. If you haven’t “Liked” my page yet click HERE to give it a like and check in! If you’re on Instagram I’ll be doing updates on my Instagram stories. Click HERE to follow me.

Let’s do this friends!! Your bathing suit body *with confidence* awaits you!


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  1. These are great tips… some of which I’m currently doing and some of which I need to start doing… STAT (ie. wine). Also, I’m getting that water bottle. Have a great day!

  2. Thanks girl, hope you’ve been having some success this summer implementing some healthy lifestyle changes!

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