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I’m officially 20 weeks pregnant, five months along! That went hella fast! And oddly slow…The passage of time during pregnancy is so strange. Being older and wiser, I’m really trying to apply the lessons learned from my previous pregnancies to this last one. What pitfalls I want to avoid… how to maintain as much comfort as possible… that kind of thing. And for me, a fit pregnancy = a comfortable pregnancy. So I wanted to share my 20 Week Bump-Date: My Secret To A Fit Pregnancy At 38…

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A lot of things have changed in 5 years since my last pregnancy. Rules that were a thing back then, aren’t really a thing anymore. Like not letting your heart rate get above 140 when exercising while pregnant…not something they say anymore. Doctors tell you if you’ve already been doing a fitness program before pregnancy, it’s OK to continue to do so. Just listen to your body and modify when you need to.

My Secret To A Fit Pregnancy: Orange Theory Fitness

My secret to a fit pregnancy isn’t exactly a secret anymore, I shared how I’ve been going to Orange Theory Fitness classes from the start in my last blog post, but I truly believe it’s helped me tremendously in these first 20 weeks. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Orange Theory, it’s high intensity interval training for one hour. A fitness coach leads you through the work outs and you spend a portion of your hour on the treadmill, the rowing machine, and the weight floor. You go at whatever pace is comfortable for you, but the goal is to push yourself in each class to earn that “after burn”, meaning you continue to burn calories for 36 hours after a work out.

Old Navy maternity active wear

Maternity Tank | Gym Bag | Sneaker

I didn’t even feel pregnant until about 14 weeks, so now each week as my belly grows I modify where I need to. Whether it be with slightly lighter weights, a variation of core work, and running at a slower pace on the treadmill. And yes, I still run at 20 weeks! Wearing supportive maternity work out pants with a full belly panel is a must! I love these from Target.

I go to Orange Theory Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and try to layer in a 45 minute dog walk on an off day if it’s nice, or I might head to the YMCA for a quick 30 minutes on the elliptical.

Having A Fit Pregnancy At 38

Doctors tell you the healthy weight gain range during pregnancy is 25-35 lbs. Well, I gained 57 pounds in my first pregnancy with Annabelle, and I dealt with bad sciatic nerve pain in my lower back (aka ass crack) towards the end. I stopped working out at about 30 weeks, which didn’t help my situation. In my second pregnancy I was more conscious of my diet and exercise, making it a point to work out two days a week up until my due date. I still gained 45 lbs. with Leo, but it was an improvement over my first and I was pain free – thank the Lord! My 20 week Babycenter update says I should have gained around 10 lbs by now, and I’ve gained 11, so I’m right on track, which feels good.

At 38 my metabolism isn’t what it used to be. I don’t want to be waddling around super uncomfortable and having to take care of two kids. And I don’t want to struggle for a year or more to lose the baby weight as I’m pushing 40! That’s why I am proactively staying fit, active, and aware in this third and final pregnancy. I want a pain free and healthy pregnancy, and if I can help it, an easy labor and delivery! Staying active in general, but specifically with Orange Theory will help me to bounce back after baby a lot faster. I want to enter my 39th year having just popped out a baby and never feeling better! So that’s my plan for the remaining 20 weeks! Omg, just typing that makes this whole journey seem like a LIFETIME!

Gym Style Must Haves

Seeing as though I spend so much time in gym clothes, I wanted to share my latest work out gear. I’ve been wearing the same three baggy non-maternity work out tops trying to conceal an emerging bump for the first 20 weeks and I was ready for a gym style refresh! I grabbed this maternity tank in maroon and dark grey from Old Navy in a size Medium and they fit great. My gorgeous rose gold gym bag from Stella & Dot is a must with the bottom zip feature to store your dirty clothes and shoes with side vents–genius! It will also make a great travel bag.

Old Navy maternity active wear 2

Stella and Dot Crush It bag

Maternity Tank | Gym Bag | Sneaker

My favorite new non-maternity funnel neck sweater is also from Old Navy and I picked up a puffer vest to wear with it when I’m rocking my athleisure wear! Size large for reference.

Old Navy funnel neck sweater

Funnel Neck Sweatshirt

I found my cute non-maternity Adidas work out tank from Dick’s Sporting Goods, as well as the MOST COMFORTABLE sneaker ever — these blush New Balance Cruz Knit sneakers. Great sole support with a breathable, lightweight feel. Scroll to the top photo in this blog to get a closer look, or click here. *All links in this post are shopable affiliate links.*



Adidas Tank | Maternity Pants | Sneaker

So far in these first 20 weeks I’ve managed to have a very uneventful, pain free pregnancy. It’s my hope that the back half of this pregnancy is much the same, and with consistent exercise and a mindful diet I can continue down this path. It’s such an incredible journey and it’s interesting to see the differences and similarities between each pregnancy. Realizing that our habits can affect the experience in a positive or negative way is a powerful motivator to prioritize health and fitness for the betterment of me and baby! 🙂

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