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I know I’ve said it before, but I’m really loving sharing this surprise pregnancy at 38 with my big kids, now 5 and 7. They are so engaged in the process, it’s incredibly endearing. From the onset they wanted to watch a fetus developing in a mother’s womb videos on YouTube. They obsessed over the baby’s gender before knowing, and they ask about the baby’s size daily, always giddy about what fruit or veggie size the baby is each week! Now that I have a growing and firm baby bump, they love to rub my belly and talk to their brother every chance they get. And their latest YouTube obsession is watching video blogs of moms bringing home their babies from the hospital! I mean, how freaking sweet is that? At the halfway point, we only have a couple big pregnancy milestones left before meeting baby. In today’s blog I’m talking about “An Exciting Pregnancy Milestone For My Big Kids: Seeing The Ultrasound.” The look on their faces at seeing their baby brother in mommy’s belly was priceless…

Seeing the ultrasound

Since we found out the baby’s gender at 14 weeks, this ultrasound didn’t hold the same amount of anticipation, but it was still exciting to see the baby now that he looks like a real baby. I was also anxious to receive a positive health report from the doctor. I had been thinking it would be neat to take the kids with me to my appointment, and it just so happened they had an early dismissal day from school so we were able to bring them along. Annabelle and Leo were SO excited to see the baby, telling their teachers and friends that they were going to the hospital to see their brother in their mommy’s belly.

Right before they called our names to come back for the ultrasound, the kids found these surgical masks at the front desk in a box for anyone to take one, so they suited up for the appointment, lol!

brother and sister wearing surgical masks to view an ultrasond

I first had a fetal echo appointment to check the baby’s heart because my husband had a hole in his heart when he was born. It quickly healed up when he was an infant, but our doctor wanted to make sure it’s not hereditary in this baby. My son was fascinated by the ultrasound gel they put on my belly to move the probe around, and he kept trying to touch it, which was annoying because it gets everywhere!

boy playing with ultrasound jelly on mother's belly

That moment you see your brother inside mommy’s belly

I wish I had my phone out and ready to record their reactions the moment the ultrasound tech flipped the screen on to see baby. Leo was practically falling all over himself saying: “There is he! There he is!!!! I see him!! Awww!” Smiling from ear to ear, dimples out in full force!! 🙂 When I saw that I quickly reached for my phone to snap pics.

kids shock seeing their baby brother's ultrasound

I was a little disappointed because at one point I asked if we are going to see 4D images and the ultrasound tech said no, they don’t do that unless your doctor recommends an extra ultrasound to monitor growth at around 28 weeks. I was like, WHAT! In my first two pregnancies they brought out those 4D views at the end of the 20 week ultrasound. I was excited for the kids to see that, it’s more life-like than the standard black and white ultrasound views. The tech was trying really hard to get a full on face view and once she did she ended up popping the screen over to 4D. Hmm… she did it just like that! Little man was trying to cover his face with his hands but we got a couple shots! I guess if I want more 4D images we need to find a 4D imagery place locally and pay extra to get those, hmph! 

4d ultrasound image of baby at 21 weeks

21 week ultrasound picture

I’m happy to report baby received a healthy report card, all things look great according to the doctor! Such a relief. The next big milestone we have to look forward to is notable baby kicks that can be felt from the outside. I feel the baby move throughout the day, but it’s more like little wiggles and pokes, nothing anyone would be able to feel if they placed their hand on my belly. I can’t wait for the moment my kids can feel their brother moving around inside, that’ll be a real trip for them! Did I mention how fun this whole pregnancy thing is when you have older kids? Oh yes, I did. If you’re on the fence about trying for just. one. more… I say go for it. Your big kids will love the experience so much! 🙂

mama holding ultrasound pic

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