Right now I’m supposed to be in New York City. I should be sitting at a table at the famous Comedy Cellar, a New York staple, listening to popular comedians perform and laughing my butt off with my sorority sisters. A girls trip that has been LONG overdue–10 years to be exact! The last time we got together was for our 30th b-day trip to Cabo! I blogged about that trip here in A Rainy Girl’s Trip To Cabo… Now here we are celebrating another BIG ONE–our 40th birthdays! We were going to get up early tomorrow morning and go to the Today Show and try to get on TV with posters declaring our 40th birthdays! It was all mapped out. Instead, I’m sitting here drinking wine in my sweatpants and reflecting on how things went downhill so fast… Wanted to share my Thoughts On Turning 40 In Quarantine…

The rate at which news is changing and getting outdated so quickly is mind boggling. Things we were able to do last week would seem pretty sketchy to do this week. Going to dinner, strolling the mall, working out 3 feet away from someone at the gym! I cringe thinking just 5 days ago I was working out in a packed Orangetheory class. Today, that would give me GERMOPHOBE anxiety!

Rewind three weeks ago to a simpler time. I was booking restaurants and shopping for outfits to wear in NYC. I had my beautification appointments all lined up; hair, spray tan, nails — I wanted to look my BEST turning 40! The idea of being FREE of children and household responsibilities for a long weekend was giving me LIFE and a much needed recharge. Hell, I was just excited to get on an airplane and drink a mimosa at 8:30 a.m.!

Today looked a lot different than it was supposed to. I got up, ate breakfast, home schooled two kids, took care of a baby, and ignored three baskets of laundry. Then I got Chili’s takeout and bought my own birthday cake at the grocery store while trying not to touch ANYTHING. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

Is there a silver lining?

I’m trying to find the silver lining in all of this… is there a message to glean from this unprecedented time we are living in? I feel like this is God… or the universe’s way of saying to slow down. Reconnect. We have become such a fast paced society, constantly on the go. We don’t talk to each other like we used to, we rush rush rush, on to the next activity. Kids don’t get to just play because they are constantly shuffling from one sporting event to the next. Parents have become like ships passing in the night. And here we are; forced to quarantine in our homes. Can’t really go anywhere because nothing is open.

It’s easy to get a little depressed about it. We are used to the freedom of doing whatever we want. I’m trying to stay positive, though. I think to myself; I woke up in a warm house with a roof over my head. For breakfast, I had waffles and sausage; watched a little TV, went for a jog outside, and was able to have my favorite Chili’s chips and ranch (to go!) for dinner, haha! I didn’t get to walk through Target for 2 hours throwing random things in my cart, or go to the movies today. But I have everything I need.

As soon as this whole thing passes (praying it passes and we get back to normal soon) I will celebrate my 40th properly! I WILL take that NYC trip and see my girlfriends that I haven’t seen in forever! Until then, I’m 39…!

This is us in Cabo at 30… we’ll redo 40 soon girlfriends!!!


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